Welcome to Find Gluten Freedom, a resource guide for those seeking to live gluten free, without compromising taste or experiences.

My name is Ewen and I’ve been gluten free since 2015, joining my wife and (now) 3 kids as a gluten free household.

7-10 years ago, gluten free options were a LOT more difficult to find. Thankfully, due to the growing awareness around gluten intolerances, sensitivities, and full on Celiacs disease, many restaurants and grocery aisle brands have gluten free options.

Due to US mass grain processing, I’m increasingly convinced that many more people suffer from minor to moderate intolerance to processed grain, with gluten being the biggest culprit.

Thankfully, there are many great alternatives and substitutes for gluten.

Still, “having gluten free options” and being delicious are two VERY different things. Take Pizza for example. A bad gluten free pizza is uninspiring and tastes like cardboard with toppings. A GOOD gluten free pizza makes me forget it’s even gluten free to begin with.

This goal for this site is to be a digital resource for finding, discovering, and testing the BEST gluten free products and restaurants. It’s a bold ambition, but a mission I’m passionate about and live every day.

Thanks for visiting & please comment on questions you have so myself and our team can better serve you!